Posted by: Kristin | January 19, 2012

new year, weird weather

Yes, Kona is still alive and well (despite attempting to devour an entire wrapping paper roll over the holidays).

And she’s been busy. Well, the entire family has been occupied with working, traveling, hosting visitors, volunteering and trying to figure out the local weather patterns.

As we start to get back into a routine, it seems Kona’s longing for the excitement of the past several weeks, which included many meet-and-greets with lots of old and new friends.

Alex has softened the blow of potential boredom by taking her to work with him more regularly. That’s always exciting for everyone involved. But this week the Seattle area was treated to the biggest boredom buster of all – SNOW!

Traditional winter weather is a rarity on the Puget Sound. So imagine our surprise when snow showed up the forecast a few days ago.

Everyone else in the region seemed equally surprised by, and largely unprepared for, the snow. Despite accumulations measured in inches, most people in the region are snowed in and I’ve been off work due to the weather for the past two days.

Not that I’m complaining. Neither is Kona. I think she would live outside in the snow if it was up to her. The ice that’s forecasted to come next, however, I could do without.

Ice around here is trouble.

It weighs down the branches on the giant Northwest trees, which sometimes break off and take power lines down with them. So while Kona dreams of more snow, I just hope the power stays on.

Then, hopefully soon, we can enjoy some more typical western Washington weather and get back to our usual walking schedule in the 40- to 50-degree (albeit sometimes rainy) weather. We’re ready to hit the boardwalk again!


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